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How to Install Magento 2 Using Composer

Step 1: Install Composer

  • You can skip this step if you’ve already installed the Composer. Type the following command to see if the composer is installed:
  • If nothing displays or you face any errors, please install Composer: Install Composer

Step 2: Download Magento 2

  • Run the following command in the root directory.
  • If you want specific version then run the command in the root directory.

Step 3: Set Up Permissions

  • Now we have to setup correct permissions to Magento 2 root directory by running the below command:

Step 4: Create a new database

Step 5: Install Magento 2 via command line

  • Run the following lines in Command Line:
  • If you want sample data then run the following Command Line:
  • Run following Command Lines:

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